Xiaomi takes on the Razer phone with it’s Black Shark gaming phone

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The market for gaming phones is a small and uncrowded one. With most hardcore gamers favoring PC and console platforms instead, there’s little wonder we only see gaming phones released once in a blue moon.

These devices feature beefed up specs and gamer aesthetics to appeal to their target audience but also make wonderful smartphones for regular power users who aren’t into gaming. Last year’s Razer phone did just that featuring an impressive display, even more impressive stereo speakers and more than enough RAM making it the most relevant gaming phone on the market. Xiaomi’s Black Shark also brings a lot to the table but is it enough to beat the reigning champ?

Razer Phone / Xiaomi Black Shark

In some ways, yes but in others…not so much. The Black Shark features liquid cooling (a term most often heard in gaming laptops not phones) to keep the phone warm during intense gaming sessions, a faster processor than the Razer phone, a gamepad accessory that attaches to one side of the device and not much else. On the other hand, the Razer phone has as much RAM as the higher end version of the Black Shark, 8GB and more than the base version’s 6GB, just as much battery power, 4000mAh a smooth 120Hz quad HD display, Dolby Atmos stereo speakers and matches the Blackshark’s 64GB internal storage. Both phones lack headphone jacks so either way you go your only options are wireless headphones or USB Type C to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapters.

Black Shark Game Phone Handle

Ultimately, deciding between the two may come down to factors like design, which is subjective and pricing. The Black Shark though a newer device begins at about $479 while the Razer phone still sits at about $699. The Black Shark’s gamepad accessory could also sway some buyers though that costs about $29 so I’ll leave you to decide if it’s worth it. Its always great to see new players enter the game and Xiaomi is not a player to be taken lightly.

For more on the Black Shark, click here to download our Spec Sheet Graphic

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