When a father does not want to Grieve his Daughter (The case study of Ebony’s Father)

Grief is something that takes time to heal or go away. It is also something that many people cannot handle causing them to do so many unnecessary things in order not to go through the grieving process.

Grief can take more time to heal when it happens to parents who loose loved ones especially children.

No one will say that death is a good thing; even though in some cases it is sometimes tagged as good when the dead has lived a life well celebrated.

Every one handles grief differently; some people travel far away from the lost one’s home just to go through the process. Others also join grieving group in society or church to help with the process; like they say sharing is caring.

Now, the case of Ebony’s dad and how he has been acting recently.

May I say that, he should accept my condolences on the loss of our star girl and his daughter Ebony.

Mr. Kwarteng must learn how to deal with Grief. His recent actions and reactions may make one wonder if he has really accepted the fact that he has lost his daughter.

Don’t get me wrong, he might have clear and good intentions but he might be going about it the wrong way.

In a movie like Power (A 50 cent produced movie) the lead character Ghost lost a daughter and instead of dealing with the grief, he tried to blame everyone and everything causing him to loose himself in the process.

That fiction is similar to what Mr. Kwarteng (Ebony’s dad) is going through.

Ebony’s father going after her team and Bullet (Ceo of Ruff town Records) every now and then could be that even though his star Girl is dead, Mr. Kwarteng wants to jump grief process and blame others.

No one is sayin that he should not take what is due his daughter, no one is saying don’t go through the books of your lost daughter’s business but there is always a way to do it.

Mr. Kwarteng your intentions might be right but the way you going about it one might believe you really have not accepted the death of our beloved Nana Hemaa.

This is a humble plea Mr. Kwarteng, let us help you to grief. What do you want to do or see before you can be at peace with the death of Ebony.

The whole world mourned with you but may be it might not be enough but now we ready. Do you need someone to listen to you, Mr. Kwarteng the world is ready to listen.

We plead that you respect the loss of your precious daughter and allow her to respect in peace.

May be Ruff town Records as a label is wrong but now you making them win because the whole country is calling you to order.

Grief is painful but grief can be healed.

Let’s us help so our star girl can sleep in perfect peace.

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