Soul Food (Daily Meditation by Carlos Kpodiefin – Entrepreneur, Coach in life and business strategy, artist-designer)

Good evening dear Dreamy Warriors! I often spoke about morning routines and their importance in the success of your day, but I always omitted to speak about evening routines …

But why bother yourself with an evening routine? Indeed you have to create a routine to enclose well your day and prepare you for the next one. A well ended day, is one of the secrets behind another well begun and successful day…
What to integrate then into your evening routine? At first, I suggest you reviewing your day: Victoire, Failures and Lessons. Anthony Robbins for example always reviews his days with his team whatever the hour at which he ends it. I also suggest you making auto-suggestions, with regard to the lessons learnt of the day, in order to anchor them in your spirit. To review one’s day has to end to set the goals of the next day.
Just after this stage, I move on personally by the celebration of my victories of the day: a glass of a drink, a snack etc. and I relax with a good music or a good movie. Another way of relaxing is to spend time to have fun with your children or your spouse. To finish you can make an activity which strengthens you as reading (Bill Gates makes one hour of reading before sleeping for example) or make a hobby as drawing, writing etc.
There are of course other activities which you can lead, or include in these various stages, this is only a suggestion to inspire you. If for example, you want to write a book and if you do not have time, to write every evening, during just one hour, will make you reach your goal more easily … Think this evening of how you can use your evening to improve your life …

Very good night to you!

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