My thoughts: An Advice to the Adviser

In the Sarkodie song titled: ADVICE everyone focused on the fact that he threw Shots at his fellow artist but we all failing to recognize one important thing he said in the song.

Sarkodie in the song mentioned that

“We are not able to sell out big venues example he used was Madison square Gardens”.

May be we needed someone to throw this shot for so long we all ignored that line.

As an industry Instead of us to analyze the problem and discuss how we can push our artistes in selling big arenas in the world, we got caught up in the fact that he shut another artist down.

May be Karma is a bitch like they say so when she fucks, she really does.

But away from the noise on the whole diss and little attention on that line in the song.

He said, his team and him self (Sarkodie) have been brainstorming for hours trying to crack the reason why Ghanaian artistes are not able to sell out big arenas across the world like our neighbors are doing.

This is one problem in the music industry we all fail at. How come a certain Yemi Alade is able to fill up FRENCH arena and our female names here can’t.

May be the ADVICE was for us all to figure out how we can push our music beyond real boarders.

Yesterday Sarkodie potentially broke the internet, but what next.

An Advice to the Adviser, we are willing to offer our 2ps in helping you and your friends break bigger barriers.

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