#MuseAfrica Gary’s Six (6) lessons from Chelsea 1:1 Draw with Barcelona

✅ Chelsea’s game plan worked well, even if it was a bit dull. Reminded me of Conte’s tactics for Italy v Spain.

✅ Very good game tactically from both sides. If you like that part of football you would have enjoyed it. Barça truly showed what they’ve become under Valverde – a team not afraid to be physical and straightforward.

✅ I did not want Paulinho to start for Barça if Semedo were available. And you saw why. This was a Paulinho-of-old display. No coincidence his team scored right after he was subbed.

✅ Willian was dominant, but so unlucky. Could have got more goals to cap a game in which he was the best player, for me.

✅ The ref was too lenient. In big games, yes, we expect refs to take a back seat but tonight Cuneyt Çakιr was TOO laid back. Rakitić should have been sent off by half time.

✅ Does Conte trust Morata? We have our answer. It is a no. And Giroud?

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