Mr. Logic is lying about Mampi – An SMF fan reveals

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Contrary to the news that Mr. Logic used only 50 Cedis to promote the song Mampi, An SMF fan reveals to MuseAfrica that it is a big day lie.
‘Mr. Logic, first of all knows what he is saying is a lie because people really spent on the Mampi song.
Juwaid and Cyfa known as the throne really spent a lot of money and time to make sure the song became what it is.
Mr. Logic we are told had no hand in the making of Mampi but lovers of Vybrant faya and the THE THRONE worked Sunday to Sunday in promotion from printing of T-shirts down to car stickers.
Isn’t that part of promotion?  Mr. Logic at a point was not part of the SMF team who even went to South Africa to shoot the video for Mampi hence he has no idea how much the video cost.
Yes it is true if a song is good you don’t need much but for the Mampi song those who made it possible needs to be praised hence Cyfa and Juwaid and not him Mr. Logic’.
This fan shared this exclusively with MuseAfrica lamenting that Mr. Logic is trying so hard to make it look like he did all the work for Mampi meanwhile he even did Not really believe in Vybrant faya.
Dear Mr. Logic let Vybrant faya sleep in peace.

Mr Logic was reported as saying on Zylofon Fm that he spent 50gh to produce and promote the late Vybrant Faya’s Mampi.

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