Mineral Revenue Bill is set to Launch inside Tarkwa – 9th Aug

The Mineral Revenue Bill which seeks to impress on parliament to enact a better instrument that ensures the blessed portions of our country that contains mineral wealth benefit more from those riches will be launched on 9th August inside Tarkwa.

It is sad to visit storied towns like Obuasi and TARKWA to see how “little” they have been transformed after decades of supplying wealth to our country. Our politicians must #KeepThePromise and pass that Bill.

To mark the occasion, VRMG boss Edem will be performing at the launch of the Mineral revenue Bill inside Tarkwa Community centre.

Also performing at the launch is Black Metal and the event will be hosted by Kwame Atuapem.

The Mineral Revenue Bill launch is made possible by Oxfam Ghana, Africa Centre for Energy Policy, Friends of the Nation and MF.

This is heavily supported by Muse Africa, the Millennial engagement platform.

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