TEAM BELLES RONDES MODE is a label that promotes round models exclusively while also promoting their various activities through projects of a social nature. This label will officially launch a party on March 24 in Cotonou.
An evening of information and exchange dotted with fashion shows fed by creators from countries such as Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Togo. An evening that will officially show that there is now in the arena of my Beninese and African fashion, a full-time crucible will provide exclusively large models to creators, so event promoters, publicists, filmmakers etc.








Team Belles Rondes Mode wants to be and is already this stumbling project of all these beautiful women for a purpose other than what one thinks of them. During this evening, you will see timid women who are no longer, brimes that are no longer, rounds that have valued the unwanted tics and stalking they have. We are talking about round women who now know that roundness is a natural gift that must be maintained, round women bold and all strong character, sweet and very friendly even mute because it is their voluptuous and pulpy form that you get adrenaline because you get nervous because you’re standard.

Team Belles Rondes Mode will make you live now and forever fashion events, evenings with special touches. See you soon for the launch party, you will also learn about our annual program implemented by only the round women of the label.

Team Belles Rondes Mode, when the curves take the reins and stand out from the obesity.

Within the label we have developed a roadmap to help round label women. As an example I can quote:
1. Sport to help them have a beautiful silhouette
2. A follow-up on the food side
3. Monitoring in personal development
4. Follow-up with a doctor in applied neuroscience
5. Social projects (support for women’s entrepreneurship in Africa)
With all these parameters we work to have round women without complexes, warned and autonomous.

Promoter of the label: HOUNSOMI Joseph de Marie, cultural fashion promoter.

Story by Carlos Kpodiefin.

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