I thought you were smart – Edem hits back at David Oscar

Edem has hit back at reggae singer and comedian David Oscar for calling his song ‘Toto’ shallow.

David Oscar in a facebook post described the songs of artists like Kwabena Kwabena, Shatta Wale, and Edem as shallow and perverse and have nothing deep to teach the youth.

Edem expressed his disappointment on facebook by calling on David Oscar to do his home work before blabbing on social media.

Edem wote:

Dear David Oscar ..

I thought u were smart till today…U should do your homework before blabbing on social media for attention u rarely get…Same Oscar who attacked DKB, same Oscar who Attacked Dumsor ppl, same Oscar who brought his first Reggae Song to me for approval. My guy Don’t show ignorance here because of an artwork, smart ppl listen to lyrics…Below is the bag my creative director used…

U are bitter and u should start being happy with whatever choices ppl make and stick with yours…Don’t misinterpret my language for your convenience…Mi zana susu le Facebook ya gbadeke gbe o…



Listen to ‘Toto’ here and share your view: Edem – Toto

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