Ghana Heritage Sites Decreasing

According to the Board Chair of the Ghana Heritage Conservation Trust, Prof. Kojo Yankah, heritage and historical sites are key treasures that ought to be protected and kept by every nation, however, the current disregard the heritage sites leaves much to be desired.

Apparently heritage sites here in ghana are rapidly decreasing. The former minister of states encourages intense attention for these heritage sites instead of the lack of attention and improvement.
The Ghana Heritage Conservation Trust was set up to promote the preservation and conservation. Here are NewsXMuse we would like to know what can be done in our communities to preserve some of Ghana’s well known historical sites?

 Navrongo Catholic Cathedral (17/01/2000)
Nzulezu Stilt Settlement (17/01/2000)
Tengzug – Tallensi settlements (17/01/2000)
Trade Pilgrimage Routes of North-Western

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