FRESH: which Musician makes it to the MuseAfrica First Eleven squad (Vote Now)

You know what they say; music goes hand in hand with football. This is often true because most footballers are always seen jamming to music either in their dressing room, in the bus or in their headset.

So, the World Cup season might be over but for us at MuseAfrica it’s just started.

We want to flip the coin by making musicians the footballers and the footballers musicians. (Confusing right).

We want to know how musicians will look like if they were footballers. (This is simpler)

For that case, Muse Africa presents the Muse Africa First 11.

Before we go into details as to who is playing what number on our first elven team, lets break the whole squad down into 5 aside teams.

We want to give you the chance to be part of the selection process.

Head over to our twitter page @Muse_Africa to vote for your favorite musician to become part of the team.

The MuseAfrica first eleven is part of our 3 years anniversary this July.
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