Foods that are similar in Ghana and Benin

When we say African countries are alike it’s not a joke, this is actually true.African countries are more alike from Culture, food and lifestyle. Let me share with you some foods that are similar in Ghana and Benin. If you love Waakye – when ever you come to Benin you will also find Waakye but they call it – “Atassi”.

For the Fufu lovers, when ever you come to Benin you will equally get Fufu either the Plantain and Cassava Fufu just like Ghana or you will try their Yam Fufu. For the Jollof lovers it’s also here but they claim their Jollof is the best.

I don’t think Nigerians will agree to it but hey. They also have the popular Rice and Stew but they call it the stew – Tomato sauce. For those who love fruits; Benin has similar fruit like “Alansa”. In my next post I will share some popular local foods in Benin and what they prefer.I am sure there are more reasons than Food for you to check out Benin but just Incase you ever get worried about food, remember it’s safer like Ghana.


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