Explain why you took to your heels – Medikal to Sarkodie

Some few weeks back Sarkodie bragged about being the King of football game ‘FIFA’ but it seems the bragging rights has switched to the camp of Medikal.

The AMG rapper was reported to have scored everyone in a FIFA game played on Sarkodie’s birthday in his house. Among those Medikal scored was Sarkodie’s manager Angel Town.

Medikal in a tweet informed the world about his victory against the Sarkcess team but Sarkodie in a rebuttal asked Medikal why he left so soon rather than wait and face him.


Medikal then asked Sarkodie to explain why he took to his heels after witnessing the defeat of his team. He further went on to tease Sarkodie for not knowing the difference between ‘FIFA 17’ and 18.


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