Ebony Hw3 o- “Stop all this drama and let Ebony sleep in peace”

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We are about to celebrate the 1 week of the passing of Ebony but it looks like everyone has a say on what, on where, on when, on why, and how Ebony died even before we do the norm for her.

Can we stop the drama already!

Recently Nana Appiah CEO of Zylofon Music wrote “Ebony wanted a bail out”; he also went ahead to sit on his radio – Zylofon 102.1FM trying to explain the bailout but he rather ended up causing more trouble.

Aside that CEO of rufftown records Bullet was “forced” to also go on radio to try and explain his side of the story on the passing of his artiste Ebony.
Why all this back and forth when we haven’t even celebrated her 1 week anniversary, can’t all this drama wait after the burial of this innocent young soul?

Muse Africa extends our condolence to the family of Ebony, to the management and label ruff town records and Midas Touch and most especially to the fans; the 90’s bad gyal movememt.

Before I end this piece let me say that I respect every artiste but this is not the time to talk about prophecies and pastors for attention.

If we may; It’s our humble plea that the Whole Ghana focuses on the 1 week, celebrate the good work Ebony did for the culture rather than trying so hard to find out answers that will never come.

Rest well Ebony; Damirifa due.

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