Countdown to Mobile World Congress 2018; tech disruption or continuity?

It has certainly been an interesting year for tech. With the consumer electronics show (CES) which held last month in Las Vegas bringing us a combination of awesome, weird and questionably useful tech (pole-dancing robots, really?) we’re even more excited to see what the next big event in the tech industry has to offer.







The Mobile world congress popularly known simply as MWC is one of the largest tech exhibitions in the world which holds annually and features mobile device manufacturers and tech providers from all over the globe.

It is at this event that some of the most popular and successful mobile devices have been announced with companies like Samsung mobile taking on a tradition of announcing their galaxy S flagships at the event every year.

This year the tradition continues, with Samsung confirming it’s press event at the show where it will announce it’s next flagship, the Galaxy S9.

Other big players like TLC (blackberry), google, Huawei, Motorola, Nokia, Sony and Qualcomm are also expected to premiere new hardware and software at the event ranging from smartphones to smartwatches (and other wearable tech) as well as AI, most of which we expect will be successors to devices from last year and before.


MWC 2018 will hold from Monday 26th February to Thursday 1st march at Barcelona, Spain.

Let us know in the comments, what devices are you most excited to see premiere at the event?

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