Burkina the Ghanaian drink you must try

If you happen to be in Accra Ghana and you haven’t tried” Burkina” then you haven’t lived . It is a special Ghanaian  made Muslim drink, it is made with millet , fresh cow milk or powered milk , sugar, salt(optional) and water. It is mostly sold by the streets of Accra in plastic bottles and sometimes in  the” olonka” rubbers, its a drink made in Burkina Faso that’s how come it got the name “Burkina”  but its original name is” Deger ” .

It is mostly had during hot afternoons because of the hot sun rays that drain us , it is served  with ice cubes as well , “chale adey type the thing my throat come ow”  . Anyways that’s our drink “Burkina”(Deger).

So don’t come to Accra Ghana without trying “Burkina”.



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