Any song that does not have melodious guitars and jazzy horns isn’t highlife – Highlife singer

Highlife singer Dada Hafco has opined that songs that are not led by melodious guitars and jazzy horns are not highlife songs.

There has been a lot of debates concerning which songs can be classified as Highlife or not.

According to the ‘Yebe wunti y3n da’ hitmaker, the key component of a highlife song is lead guitar.

Giving the history of Highlife on MuseAfrica’s Big Talk with NYB, Dada Hafco stated even though the genre has been through refinements, the melodious guitar is what makes the genre.

“That is how it started, that is what originated the whole thing (Highlife) into existence. So check all the highlife songs back in the day (all were identified by the guitar).”

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