A Walk From Abelenkpe to Anloga Junction: How Stonebwoy’s New Album Kept Me Awake – Album Review by George Wiredu Duah

I don’t know about Many of you but I waited for this album ever since Stonebwoy and I had a conversation about it in Lagos during the Sound City MVP awards. 

I remember the words he used in Lagos like it was yesterday because I actually asked him why the album has delayed and he said the name of the album was the only thing pending. 

Stonebwoy was very happy talking about this album in Lagos with me during our interview and conversation so I was also ‘turnt’ up for the album. 

Ever since we left Lagos I counted down the days, minutes, seconds till the album finally arrived on 24th April. 

Stonebwoy’s Anloga Junction, what a great body of work!. Before I get overhyped and excited to talk about the songs on the album let me take you guys through how I walked from the MuseAfrica office in Abelenkpe to Anloga Junction. 

Let me start this way; the pre-announcement for the album. I had seen how artists in the Western World release their pre-hype materials for their albums so when I saw the pre-hype packaging from Stonebwoy I got super excited. 

The communication materials were beautifully executed. Every fan of Stonebwoy knew that he was about to drop a body of work. 

Stonebwoy’s consistency in releasing information about his album will whet your appetite for you to wait for the album. 

I must commend the team for a great job done on that. Then the release of the album it’s self came. 

I am sure most of us were caught by surprise how he (Stonebwoy) dropped the announcement on us. He stayed through to his originality and pace-setting to make sure his fans all over the world get a taste of the music even before it drops on all music stores. 

The live telecast of the listening session both on traditional and digital channels sends the message to everyone in the world. I must commend the team on that great thinking. 

I commend them because recently music experts announced that music streaming is dropping because of one missing link in this coronavirus era. Experts say that because there is no strong or good promotional package to push the music to the fans it affects the sales hence Stonebwoy and his team did well in solving that problem. 

No wonder he (Stonebwoy) got over 3 million streams in less than 24 hours, the promotional packages were well executed. 

Now let’s talk about the songs on the album. The featuring on the album was well thought through. You see the collaborations cut across big music markets.

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From Nigeria there is Zlatan, from South Africa is Nasty C, from the East is the king Diamond Platnumz, from the West Keri Hilson, and it goes on and on. 

Collaborations are a way artists bridge into new markets hence seeing him rotate his music across these music markets is a plus for me. 

Let’s talk about the song’s arrangement on the album. There are experts whose work is to arrange songs on an album to get fans’ attention from beginning to the end of an album. 

Artists just don’t put the songs on the album in any way. Most of them think carefully about the arrangements because it has to follow a certain pattern and this Stonebwoy’s album arrangement is on point. 

Production was solid. Mixing and mastering of the album were well done. The songs sound heavy in all music aspects. The sound on any world stage is likely to pass through a good mixer system. 

Let’s talk about the content of the album. The messages in each song vary and tell a unique story about the artiste. 


I really enjoyed the Ewe vibes even though I didn’t understand what he was saying. Music has no language barrier so I enjoyed it so well. 


Stonebwoy is getting all the attention because this is a good body of work and while some think that EOM( his previous album) was a bit heavy than this, I think that times and seasons are not the same. 

Congratulations Stonebwoy on your album, I really enjoyed this album. I stayed up from 12 am to 5 am just to listen to this album because I really enjoyed every bit of it.

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