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Debonair Afrik launches Fashion Education Scholarship program

Debonair Afrik is delighted to announce the launch of its scholarship program, The Fashion Education Scholarship Fund Program.

The Fashion Education Scholarship Fund will be funded by Debonair Afrik with proceeds from this year’s fashion-themed event, The Editors Meet Brunch 2023, and subsequent editions of The Editors Meet Brunch.

The aim of this initiative is to promote the growth and development of the Ghanaian creative space by providing professional training in fashion as well as financial support, internship opportunities, mentorship, networking, and career development opportunities for young, talented, and aspiring Ghanaian fashion creatives.

The Fashion Education Scholarship Fund Program was created to help boost the Ghanaian creative industry. This would be achieved through providing professional training in fashion and related disciplines, financial aid, internship opportunities, mentoring; networking tools. Debonair Afrik, Style Lounge Platform, and the Visionaries Fashioning Africa platform are providing great career opportunities for talented Ghanaian fashion creatives.

Mr. Emmanuel Ekuban (popularly known as Nuel Bans), who is the Creative Director of these platforms, and has been instrumental in creating such chances for the youth, explained in detail the Fashion Education Scholarship Fund Program. Speaking to fashion creatives he expressed that

“Debonair Afrik, through its Visionaries Fashioning Africa foundation thought it wise to implement this initiative as an effort in strengthening and further promoting the growth and development of fashion in Ghana. Through this initiative, we hope to help spotlight and unearth talented and aspiring fashion creatives in the country with the potential of selling the creativity, originality, and vibrant fashion of Ghana to the global fashion industry whiles providing a source of employment to these creative young talents.”

Photo courtesy Debonair Afrik

Debonair Afrik is a 360 creative agency that branches into fashion, lifestyle, publication and events. The brand was founded in 2014 by editor-in-chief Nuel Bans, who is behind the success of the publication.

Debonair Afrik Studios is a wing of the Debonair Afrik brand that branches into fashion communication and production.

The Visionaries Fashioning Africa platform enables creators to make game-changing creative works and initiatives to transform Ghana’s fashion industry by supporting young, talented and aspiring fashion creatives.

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