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Schools’ out for Mila Smith, the 18-year-old singer-songwriter from Cape Town. She exits her Matric year with some punk/pop rebellion and bids farewell to being “Nice” [with her new single ‘Nice Guy’, out now on all major streaming platforms.]

Photo courtesy Sheila Afari PR

Mila Smith has been making an impression on the music industry from the tender age of 14, as the lead singer of the band the Skyscrapers, to being signed to artists’ services company Platoon where she began making and releasing her work as a solo artist, to immediate industry acclaim, earning her global playlisting and extensive radio charting (#1 on 5fm pop charts) and PR support locally and abroad with only two singles released thus far.

““Nice guy” is a song about someone who claims they’re a “nice guy” but are anything but. Nice guy was such a fun song to create. It was born out of collaboration with my producers and it felt like a song where I could put all of my experimental ideas into the track and play with a genre I’d never really ventured into before – pop punk. When sitting down and writing ‘Nice Guy’, in my head I’d envisioned somebody on a first date. Everything is going well and the guy appears to be chivalrous & charming but in reality, it’s all a façade and he either says something or does something that alerts this person that something is not right (hence the line: and those butterflies were warning bells saying, get me out of here). And so, with that in mind – I wanted this person not to sit back and take this treatment, but show that they too can have a bad side and get revenge if needs be. I feel like a nice guy can be the song in the background when you blow something up or slash your exes’ tyres!” shares Mila Smith.

Photo courtesy Sheila Afari PR

Mila Smith will be releasing a debut EP in early 2023, which will blend the varying sounds Mila has been exploring with a host of impressive producers and co-writers including The Imports, formerly known as Noble – a collective from LA and Grammy-winning songwriter Manana, and most recently PHFAT and Jabulile Majola.

This complex and multi-talented young artist, with an old soul, has been slowly finding her unique voice. From her pop/disco banger ‘Liars and Fakes’ to her gentle ballad ‘Reassemble Myself’ Mila Smith shows she is versatile and full of surprises and that she is not what anyone expects her to be.

Stream Nice Guy: https://Platoon.lnk.to/nice-guy

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