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Nadia Nakai & Ney arouse an ode to Body Positivity with “Thick Slim”

For many millennia, women have toiled with the social constructs that warrant their attractiveness at the changing hands of patriarchal objectification.

Photo courtesy Sheila Afari PR

Reclaiming the body-positive status quo of all that is sexy and sensual with the ultimate girl anthem is Nadia Nakai and Ney who evoke a double dose of naughty with their latest single “Thick Slim”.

Stream or download “Thick Slim” here: https://africori.to/thickslim.oyd

Originally a concept song dedicated to thick baddies, Nadia Nakai and Ney reimagined the track to challenge the polarising preference culture of an ideal female body type between a slim or thick baddie. Opting to dismantle the competition discourse of sensual prowess in favour of a sexually liberated community, Nadia Nakai and Ney have added a new layer of SA Hip-Hop Queens sharing and embracing each other’s respective dominions in an all-encompassing, seamless celebration of all body types..

“Beyond “Thick Slim” being the ultimate baddie anthem, this collaboration is something we feel SA Hip-Hop hasn’t truly experienced – for Queens of this magnitude to join forces and paint the town pink and orange,” expresses Nadia Nakai and Ney.

They add: “Not only is “Thick Slim” a dope display of the palpable energy between us, but it also champions body positivity and unity because we need a reminder now and again of the strength of standing together to own our narratives as women.”

Ditch the summer body aspirations “Thick Slim” affirms the same hips that don’t lie are good to twerk through every season.

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