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Gyakie featured on AKA’s new song ‘Paradise’ alongside Musa Keys

Super Mega, AKA has released the second single from his upcoming album, titled ‘Paradise’ featuring renowned Amapiano star Musa Keys and Ghanaian songbird Gyakie.

Speaking about the inspiration for ‘Paradise’ AKA shared; “Paradise is a song that I wrote after having a fight with my girlfriend on valentine’s day, the fight is the genesis of where the track came from. It’s about pressing the reset button with your partner when you argue, just saying you’ve held me down, let’s wipe the slate clean and make things right.”

This week Super Mega switched things up with yet another avatar change on all his social media platforms, closely followed by the Megacy. The striking bright red avatar kept anticipation high with the streets questioning a possible surprise drop.

Speaking about how the collaboration came about AKA Said; “Firstly Musa and I are in the same management company, and I love him as a performer, artist, producer and songwriter so I wanted a record I could make with him, something that sounds exotic for the continent and Europe.

I was put on to Gyakie by some A&R, I listened to her stuff and asked if they make it happen? she jumped on the record.”

The rapper ended the suspense about the possible drop by unveiling a video that mimics a google search with the text “When does AKA’s Paradise drop?” in the search bar that revealed the release date for paradise.

The single comes after the success of Lemons (Lemonade), speaking on his music roll-out ahead of the album AKA shared; “I don’t think about the times to drop the records in terms of the one after the other. I just feel like ‘Paradise’ is good for the game because we are putting Hip hop love songs in the game. I think they aren’t enough Hip-Hop love songs right now. I just wanted to put in some positive energy in all of that hard hip-hop elements, I just wanted to do something from the heart.”

The single premiered on Apple Music’s, The Dotty show hosted by English rapper, DJ, radio and television personality Ashley Charles aka Dotty.

With Mass country coming up early next year and two singles in, AKA shared how ‘Lemons (Lemonade)’ and ‘Paradise’ sets the tone for Mass Country; “Paradise and Lemons sets the tone for the album, sonically nothing else out there sound like them and that is what Mass country is. A brand new formula, brand new sonics, brand new sound.”

The single officially dropped after the Dotty show premiere on all digital platforms, alongside a music video that will premiere on MTV Base as a TV exclusive. The Music video was directed by Nivo from T-effect who previously directed AKA’s ‘Jika’, the creative direction produced smooth visual cues, that created magical moments and ultimately aesthetically pleasing visual representation of  ‘Paradise’

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