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Sarkodie on seeking the ‘finest’ guests for his ‘JAMZ’ album

Ghanaian hip-hop star Sarkodie joins Dadaboy Ehiz via FaceTime on Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio to talk about his latest track, “Better Days (feat. BNXN fka Buju).” 

He also discusses what inspired his new album, ‘JAMZ,’ how he chooses collaborators, and why African musicians continue to take over the world. 

Sarkodie on ‘JAMZ’
I was taking time out, taking trips, having a great time. I went to Zanzibar, I went to Mykkonos, went to Cape Town, beautiful places and I was inspired by the scenery. At that time I didn’t know that I wanted to write music that could suit the environment where I was, but when I came back to Ghana I think I carried it with me. 
When I was writing, I wasn’t thinking I was about to do a project but I remember I did 4 or 5 records and they were all kind of like single, commercial-worthy type of records. My manager just told me “You have jams.” He normally tells me I need a jam for every project but this is just filled with jams back to back, so that’s how come the title was ‘JAMZ.’
Sarkodie on seeking the ‘finest’ album guests
It’s just a project that appreciates African music at its finest. These are incredible superstars who put in their A game anytime – their pen game is crazy, their vocals are crazy – so you can only imagine what you’re about to experience. I literally wanted to find the finest to give me the most beautiful melodies that you could ever come across, and that’s exactly what we did with this project.
If you want something that’s soothing to your soul, and still has a commercial aspect to it – beautiful music, mood music – this is what ‘JAMZ’ is for you and big shouts to everyone who supported to help make it a reality.
Sarkodie on going harder
To my fans, SarkNation: big shouts to them, thank you so much for the support. I still do this because I have people that care about what I do. If people don’t care, I wouldn’t still be doing this.
To my beautiful Africans out there: we’re taking over the world, and we should be super proud of it. We should push it harder, from the artists to the regular citizens, Africans who are in the diaspora, and who are on the motherland as well, let’s keep pushing. It’s our time, let’s go harder.

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