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Brazzi steps onto the scene with a love song “Obaa Hemaa” – LISTEN

It’s Africa’s time now on the global front, and every now and then, many fresh and stupendous talents get launched onto the scene.


Brazzi is sure one of them but sorry, he sounds different from the many others you have already listened to.

Brazzi – the Ghanaian-born Afrobeats Crooner officially announcing his presence with this new song titled “Obaa Hemaa” as his major release is about to take you on a roller coaster ride.

“Obaa Hemaa” he titles it as a song that does not only get you into urban sound from Africa but also effortlessly compels with his swooning voice.

So What’s The Story Behind “Obaa Hemaa” You Need To Know?

The Afrobeats genre has constantly evolved during the past few years. This evolution has occurred due to the endless development of African artists around the world. “Obaa Hemaa” happens to fall into the Afrobeats spectrum, however, also presents a western mood with an African touch to its roots.

Song employs both English and Twi in its lyrics. It presents listeners with a conversation between a man and a woman of his choice. He describes the traits of the woman that draws him closer to her.

Brazzi steps onto the scene with a love song “Obaa Hemaa” – LISTEN

Alongside convincing her that he is the man for her and even though times get hard, and he can’t regularly get in touch with her due to circumstances, he is still going to keep it a hundred and would try his best to give her the world that she deserves because he can’t settle to provide her with less.

Stream Song Here: https://ditto.fm/obaa-hemaa-brazzi

Who is Brazzi?

Emmanuel Brazy Mensah (born on the 31st of August 31, 2000), popularly known as Brazzi, is a Ghanaian singer and songwriter. He is one of Ghana’s novel rising Music Talents towing the path of Afrobeats.

Brazzi took time to build a strong passion for music, stemming from his childhood (early years growing up). He professionally started his music career in the year 2020 and released his first single “Somemu” in the same year, 2020. This single featured Gonzi, one of Ghana’s upcoming Afrobeats talents.

However, after Brazzi’s first release, he went off the scene working tirelessly to develop his talent and engage his audience in a more effective way.

Throughout his journey of advancing his musical talent, Brazzi has made it known to his audience that he has always been inspired by his older brother who unfortunately passed away in the year 2015.

Isaac who was the brother of Brazzi laid the foundation of the music by introducing him to the acoustic guitar.

Despite losing his brother who’s his greatest motivation, Brazzi also looks up to musicians such as Show Dem Camp, Cavemen, Bob Marley, Lucky Dube and some other great Afrobeats Musicians creating influences across the world.

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