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Kayode releases ‘I Don’t Want Your Love’ off upcoming EP

With over 50 million streams across his catalog, Kayode is a songwriting, recording and performing artist, and now his thousands of fans who’ve been waiting for new music can indulge in his latest offering, ‘I Don’t Want Your Love’, from his upcoming EP Still Figuring Life, out now on all major platforms.

Photo courtesy Sheila Afari PR

‘I Don’t Want Your Love’ Kayode’s gospel love story, a tune that had him reminiscing about love and the backlash that comes with it, including finding love when you’re unprepared for it and addressing past hurt.

“Making this song, I was in my element, I love to make this type of music. I recorded ‘I Don’t’ Want Your Love’ a few weeks after I released ‘Live Forever’. When I heard the beat it had me reminisce about love and all that comes with it. I had just met this girl who I really liked, but I couldn’t take things further at that moment because I wasn’t ready for all that comes with it,” says Kayode, “I started off humming “I don’t want your love been through so much my baby, I don’t got no trust”, which is true because my last relationship ended out of trust issues,” he adds.

Stream ‘I Don’t Want Your Love’, out now on all major platforms.

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