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DJ Justice GH links Jaredo for a new lover’s delight ‘Stuck with You’

Liberian wunderkind and ‘Shiki Benben’ star, Jaredo is DJ Justice GH’s new wingman of choice on the new love single ‘Stuck with You’, his third single of the year.


Listen HERE: https://ditto.fm/stuck-with-you

Since sharing his Offei-assisted ‘Burning Desire’ back in April, DJ Justice GH went silent in the months to come, making the likes of us and Summer nerds wonder if he was done for the year.

“Done?! I’m only getting started”, DJ Justice GH rebutted in a phone call with our source, Elite PR, a little over a month ago.

Well, we’re in the chilly month of August now – or neck-deep in the Summer. Whatever floats your boat – and he’s indeed back to quench our Afrobeat cravings with another mellow one for the ladies, ‘Stuck with You’.

DJ Justice GH links Jaredo for a new lover’s delight Stuck with You
DJ Justice GH links Jaredo for a new lover’s delight ‘Stuck with You’

Brought to life by a pleasing meld of melodies sure to captivate its target audience, DJ Justice GH’s new song is structured atop a dulcet bed of piano keys that play to Jaredo’s biggest strength – his sugar-sweet voice.

The singer steals the show, communicating his yearning for a love interest in a passion-driven performance that gives the cold mornings of August much context; especially love birds. How delightful!

Jaredo is one of Liberia’s hottest voices as of late – a 22-year-old star who has charted his way to success with singles; ‘Ur Waist’ featuring Kuami Eugene (2019), ‘Joana’ (2020), and much recently ‘Shiki Benben’ (2021), making him an exciting addition to DJ Justice GH’s never-ending experience.

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