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Gambo new releases a new single titled ‘Settle’ featuring Keche

VGMA ‘22 award winner, Gambo drops his new single ‘Settle’ alongside some dashing visuals which feature seasoned Ghanaian duo, Keche to make it the official Wedding Song of the Year.  


Stream or download ‘Settle’ across all major digital platforms here:

His first release since the notable award, the ‘Boys Ay3 Wild’ rapper returns with the spiritual successor to his viral hit song and it easily has our hearts.

It’s a fitting tie-in to the aforementioned hit’s story, one that sees Gambo taking things with his newly cuffed girl to the next level in the accompanying video. 

Gambo new releases a new single titled ‘Settle’ featuring Keche

A banging tune nonetheless, Keche brings ‘Settle’ to much life, setting the stage for Gambo with their opener: “Kpooyaka! Guy no dey do long talk. Guy get money, guy flex money. As a guy you for dey on point, say you for dey on point” and later, a sweet hook which puts song’s log drum-heavy production through its paces. Gambo picks up from there, sneaking in ad-libs and bits of how much of a boss he is for his bride-to-be. 

But that’s just one part. The song’s super lush video is where all the sauce is and trust us, it will leave you wanting to see more.

There’s simply a lot of love radiating from every shot of the video’s set; right up from its traditional and white wedding scenes to the costume choices and models on set.

It really has the ambiance of an actual wedding and seeing such grandeur cut into a modest 3-minutes is absolutely splendid!

From ‘Boys Ay3 Wild’ to ‘Settle’, Gambo’s message couldn’t have been any clearer or as he puts it: “Treat your woman right and show how much of a boss you are by taking things to the next level. Show working my brothers!” And with so much attention to detail in his new video, you best not miss seeing Gambo sleek in his kaftan and tux. 

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