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Pastor Jayju sings about salvation on Magyenkwa Pa

Pastor Jayju has once again come to the rescue of the children of God with the release of his new inspiring single “Magyenkwa Pa”.


The timing of this release couldn’t have been more appropriate as the yearning of God’s children has reached a crescendo being pummelled on every side by the raging pandemic, economic hardship, global insecurity, trials, and persecutions.

This is the moment Pastor Jayju seeks to project the matchless Saviour in “Magyenkwa Pa” which translates into “Good Saviour.”


“Magyenkwa Pa” is a follow-up to the release of his stunning praise and worship single Obiaransewo. Unlike Obiaransewo, “Magyenkwa Pa”, is a hymn borne out of intimate contact with the Holy Spirit and a deep revelation of Christ Jesus as our Good Saviour.

Pastor Jayju sings about salvation on Magyenkwa Pa

The song also describes Christ’s unending love for mankind which was demonstrated through His death on the cross to save us all.

Magyenkwa Pa is a much-needed song to inspire and encourage the body of Christ in these trying times.

The song was written and composed by Pastor Jayju and Kofi Karikari.

This is the first of a series of releases scheduled for 2022, culminating in the release of the Songs In The Night (SITN) album by the end of the year.

“I want to encourage every believer and every lover of good music to lay hold of this song and listen to it meditatively and prayerfully. Our “Good Saviour” is still in the business of lifting burdens, and I trust He will lift yours and set your gaze heavenward as you listen to the anointed lyrics and rhythm of Magyenkwa Pa”.

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