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Teflon Flexx and friends shut down Loud In Madina

Ghanaian singer Teflon Flexx shut down the suburb of Madina, Accra with his Loud in Madina concert.


The event held at the Cali Lounge in Madina Estate saw the venue getting full to capacity, with many fans getting stuck outside.

To prevent overcrowding and a possible stampede, some fans were denied entry into the Loud in Madina concert grounds.

This led to a lot of agitation from the fans, who could only vibe to the performances outside but not see their favorite star perform on stage.

Teflon Flexx and friends shut down Loud In Madina

In a post on social media, Teflon Flexx thanked his fans and also apologized to those who were denied entry, he stated that to prevent such occurrence from happening, he will be organizing his next concert at a bigger venue.

The Concert was massive and aside from Teflon Flexx saw performances from Comedian Waris, MJ the Comedian, Enam, Sherry Boss, Theo Versace, Offei, Nella Mich, Mawuli Younggod, Talaat Yarky, and many more.

In a related development, fans were outraged after they were denied entry into the Cali Lounge for the Loud In Madina Concert organized by Ghanaian singer Teflon Flexx.

The concert was a massive success and say huge numbers of people trooped into the venue. This led to the venue reaching its full capacity. In order to prevent over-crowding which could have led to a possible stampede, fans outside the venue were prevented from entering the premises.

This led to a lot of the fans becoming agitated and outraged because some traveled far to witness their favorite musicians perform but were denied the pleasure.

In a statement, Teflon Flexx has apologized to all the fans that were denied entry into the venue due to the full capacity and promised to move his next concert to a bigger venue to prevent a similar occurrence from happening.   

The Loud in Madina concert organized by Teflon Flexx saw overwhelming numbers of fans leading to the Cali Lounge reaching its capacity. 

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