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Terminus: A Ghanaian Movie That Fights Against Smugglers

The much-anticipated movie “Terminus” has been premiered and made available in cinemas for Cinema-goers and movie lovers.


Terminus,  a crime thriller that features a lot of your favorite actors such as  Adjetey Annan, Helen Lois, Oscar Provencal, Fred Amugi, Beverly Afaglo, Salma Mumin, etc and a lot more phenomenal new actors, written and directed by Abu Iddris, produced by Mawuko Kuadzi (CEO MK Content) and executively produced by Mr. And Mrs.  Baatimah seek to tell the story of a Ghanaian chemist, who in the bid to vindicate his company in a lawsuit, stumbles on something even more dangerous in the process, there is a hidden chemical formula in painkillers and antibiotics, altered for testing and profit gains by a pharmaceutical giant called ROMACEUTICAL.

This happens just at the time the government of Ghana led by her Excellency President Leila Nkrumah is at war with illegally manufactured and imported medicines smuggled into the country.

Terminus:  A Ghanaian Movie That Fights Against Smugglers
Terminus: A Ghanaian Movie That Fights Against Smugglers

With the news out there in the world, the pharmaceutical gods and their partners all around the world led by a viciously known cartel called BADIBULLU, launched an operation to silence and contain the situation. 

This led the Ghanaian government to evoke the best team of special force soldiers handpicked by the President herself to combat formidable adversaries in the fight against the criminal organizations.

This development puts Ghana under the toughest of tests any nation could survive. But, the President of Ghana is the strongest the nation has ever had being a woman, backed by a determined team and cabinet.

Meanwhile, the Badibullu cartel will do anything to stop Ghana from exposing a 2 billion dollar research finally ready to make a profit after ten years of perfecting a secret formula. 

Terminus film is a game-changer and to show the world Ghanaians are equally up to the task when it comes to producing quality and world standard movies just like other industries, hoping the government sponsors part 2 of this movie.

Terminus: A Ghanaian Movie That Fights Against Smugglers

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