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King Fallou and Kojoweb feature DJ Skelewu on ‘Alomo & Lime’

For their joint new single, the two recruit DJ Skelewu to create an opportune Afrobeat song that is big on party energy and perfect for nightcrawlers.


Give it a listen on all digital streaming platforms globally here: https://ditto.fm/alomo-lime

With lovely weather, scores of activities, and the bubbly ambiance of Christmas just around the corner, King Fallou and Kojoweb’s aptly titled ‘Alomo & Lime’ is as dynamic as the sought-after tonic it is meant to uphold.

It is engaging and boasts a dance production that’s irresistibly good.

King Fallou and Kojoweb feature DJ Skelewu on party anthem ‘Alomo & Lime’
King Fallou and Kojoweb feature DJ Skelewu on party anthem ‘Alomo & Lime’

According to King Fallou and Kojoweb, ‘Alomo & Lime’ was a product of their eagerness to put listeners into a loop of excitement this festive season, ‘’We needed a song to be the life of Accra’s soon-to-be super busy nightlife and this release is exactly that’’.

‘Alomo & Lime’ couldn’t have come at a better time and with lyrics that point to the obvious – ‘’If you no get capa dey your side’’, the new song is a shot in the arm for party aficionados only.

But don’t get forgetful. The song requires a sober mind to groove to, so drink responsibly as you gently sink into its amazing vibe.

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