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Nhlonipho & Kekelingo featured on a new song titled Ngithembe

Singer and songwriter, Nhlonipho, together with multi-award-winning, Kekelingo, are featured on a song titled “Ngithembe” by Kekster.


Ngithemebe is a song that portrays a man in a relationship with a woman he truly cares about. He becomes an overnight sensation, and sings his love letter to the love of his life, letting her know that she should trust that he belongs to her. 

The song came about when Nhlonipho, and the talented musician and producer, Kekster, sat down together and had a conversation about being in relationships as musicians. From that, what started as just a conversation translated into a great piece of work. When they were conceptualizing the lyrics, they decided to write about trust and being trusted by your partner.

“Nhlonipho and I had decided to get together and make awhile before ‘Ngithembe’ was made. What is interesting is that we made this song and wrote to it and finished it as soon as we got to the studio. We already started with the bare bones of the song and by the time Clem Carr and Kekelingo got on board, they took the song to a whole new dimension.” shares Kekster. 

Stream or download Kekster’s Ngithembe, featuring Nhlonipho and Kekelingo here: https://smartklix.com/Ngithembe

The synergy between all the talented artists allowed for this amazing song to be created. 

This is a beautiful song that is quite different and will be appealing and appreciated by the fans. The song is created to speak to them through music and send out a message about trust in a relationship – Ngithembe means trust.

“The song is beautiful. I truly enjoyed making the song. I recall that when we made it, we couldn’t stop playing and singing the song over and over. It is truly amazing and I truly hope my language has matured as I speak in the music and more especially through Amapiano. It will be well received as it has this quite interesting uniqueness to it.” Shares, Kekster.

The message of the song is about letting go, letting in trust, and having the one person who has promised their heart and reassuring them trust. Right now, is a better time to release it, as it is close to the festive season and it is a ‘go out, dance and fun’ kind of song.

Make sure to connect with Nhlonipho and Kekelingo online for more music news and stream or download “Ngithembe” now: https://smartklix.com/Ngithembe

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