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Darkua Releases New Video For Her Latest Single “Go Low”

Ghanaian Singer and Songwriter Darkua has released new visuals for her second single “Go Low”.


Tapping into her creative side on exploring different sounds, Darkua takes listeners on an afrobeats infused Amapiano journey while sharing the message of intimacy and vulnerability in a relationship.

The new video directed by Dannivision sees Darkua take a trip to find love, giving her a new perspective about being vulnerable and intimate. Intimate shots of Darkua with a guy are mixed in with more relaxed scenes of her connecting with someone she thought she’ll never love.  The video is drenched in colors to express the feeling of a working relationship.

Go Low was produced, mixed and mastered by Producer UglyxTough


Darkua Go Low || Muse Africa

Go Low talks about the intimacy in relationships and being there for your partner at all times. Go low explores the part of relationships where you are allowed to feel vulnerable and loved.

Darkua uses the lyrics “Tell me how you like it, And I’ll come through, yeah, For you my baby, Oh yeah, you drive me crazy Tsɔɔmɔ mi bɔ ni osumɔ lɛ, No nɔɔŋ ni ma fee maha bo, (Tell Me how You Like It That’s exactly what I’ll do for you) I want you only, I pray for you, my baby” to affirm her love for her partner being the listening and caring lover she can be.

Most of Darkua’s songs are churned from conversations and experiences she’s had from interactions with friends and family.

With Go Low, a close friend told me a story about an experience she had with a guy. She details how she always made herself vulnerable for him, it was one of the best things that happened to her.”

Go Low will resonate with every listener as it perfectly blends Afrobeats and Amapiano.

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