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Tinuke shares her sentiments on new single ‘Waiting’

Following the success of her song ‘Rara’ which featured Ayisi, Tinuke is in with new music titled ‘Waiting’ and a sparkle bound to get a grip on drifting listeners this week.


Stream or download ‘Waiting’ across all major digital platforms here: https://afrisounds.lnk.to/Waiting

Tinuke shares her sentiments on new single Waiting || Muse Africa

‘Waiting’, as Tinuke titles it is a butter-smooth Afrobeat melody that has the wavering act subtly alternate between her rap and singing tendencies to add some much-needed tenor to the solo release.

Like some previous releases from the ‘Rara’ crooner, ‘Waiting’ runs on Tinuke’s no coherent theme of expressing love and appreciation for the special people in our lives, but more precisely in a context of self this time around:

‘’As a dark-skinned West African woman myself, this song is really about self-love and appreciating all the things about yourself. It’s a reminder that you are unique and have every right to be loved just the way you are’’, Tinuke shared. 

‘’How did ‘Waiting’ come together? So, I was in the studio for some work one time and I heard the beat in the backdrop. Right away I was inspired and slowly caught on with some lyrics – the same ones that made the final song because they were based on how I was feeling at the time and my experiences from a relationship’’.

There’s a lot of heartfelt in the very relaxed Kuvie production, one that doesn’t trade off Tinuke’s frame of mind and resourcefulness for rhythm. ‘Waiting’ is a great song to wind down to.

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