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Amanda Black shares video for “Kutheni Na” featuring Kwesta

Songwriter Amanda Black has released the music video of her single Kutheni Na featuring Kwesta. The song questions the challenges that we are currently faced with such as the covid-19 pandemic, of which was and still is a collective experience of the year 2020 & 2021.

Through these past two years, we all know how it feels to lose something – whether it’s a job, their loved ones, their homes, or even just a sense of security. And in this video, Amanda doesn’t shy away from expressing herself and sharing her experience the best way she knows how to do it and that’s through her music.

Kwesta’s touching verse speaks about how the streets that raised him are the ones he returned to and tried to help; but ended up being the ones that took his loved one, Pantsula.

Amanda’s Mnyama album still echoes the message off the current point in time in her life and it has 10 tracks, including collaborations with the likes of Berita, J’Something, Christer, and Kwesta. The theme that runs through the album is the spirit of resilience and to never stop fighting regardless of what one is faced with.

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