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Ami Faku joins exclusive Spotify club, clocking over 500k monthly listeners

Eastern Cape’s South African Voice of Modern Afro Soul, Ami Faku, joins an exclusive club of musicians on Spotify to reach over 500k monthly listeners on the streaming platform. Ami Faku’s new feat makes her the second South African female artist to ever reach this milestone.

“It took a great amount of growth to get here and it wouldn’t be possible without the support I’ve received since pursuing the dream,”  expresses Ami Faku.

“Ami Faku’s music is evergreen. She has gained a loyal following who continuously stream her debut catalogue. She also currently has two of the biggest songs in the country (Abalele and Asibe Happy) which has positioned her as one of the most listened to artists in the country,” shares Raphael Benza of Vth Season.

Currently dominating dance floors across the country and enjoying high rotation on radio stations, Ami Faku’s new milestone is reflective of her ability to create music relevant to the times.

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