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WhoIsDeydzi Announces 4th Body of Work: “Closure But As Takashi”

WhoIsDeydzi has been hailed by many as a creative genius, named “Bob Mawuli” by Wanlov the Kubolor, (suggesting a likeness to reggae icon Bob Marley, in appearance and, politics), capturing the attention of Accra with not just his music but his commentary on social issues as well as his love for palm wine.

This 4th body of work is a testament to his development and growth as an artist. 

Born Dodzi Korsi Aveh, WhoIsDeydzi resorted to poetry at an early age as a coping mechanism. From writing poetry as a way of therapy, to campaigning for social change, by integrating, expanding, and regenerating imagery and techniques, and “Closure But As Takashi” is no different. 

This body of work explores the emotional trauma of romantic loss, coupled with economic hardships in a global pandemic. Battling grief, rejection and unrequited love, we see a softer side of the human experience being examined. 

Some songs are made to sing along or dance to, some you just feel, and this album is one of such. Every song on this album stands out, from the production to the message which is introspective and thoughtful.

With collaborations from prolific songwriter Tsiddi, writer and poet Nasiba, Baduwaa, Tee Jay, Malmas, Tawiah, Reuel and Teena. “Closure But As Takashi” colors a sonic mix of drill sounds capturing the centre of African music, Hip-hop, traditional spoken word and skits.

Deydzi is on a path to bring to light the importance of challenging conventional systems while embracing the sacred and spiritual.

Listen to “Closure But As Takashi”  exclusively on AfTown music: https://aftown.in/CBAT

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