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Moonga K. releases CANDID EP

The road to the release of Moonga K.’s highly anticipated CANDID EP began with the catchy and black-empowerment themed single “black, free & beautiful” in July, which opened doors for the artist to collaborate with Levi’s Haus Africa and Instax (Fuji Film), followed by the iconic ‘REBEL TIME’ featuring Sampa The Great, which presented a harder, refined sound, and now Moonga presents a versatile six-track body of work that explores heartbreak, black pride, social activism, the search for identity and generational trauma.

“CANDID is about the urgency to be who I am. To speak my truth. To live my truth, unapologetically, even though I’m incredibly terrified. Morbidly terrified of the aftereffects but I feel compelled to and so I had to create this record and let that truth live in song,” shares Moonga K.

“The record incorporates elements of soul, funk, contemporary R&B, rap, neo soul, pop punk, and jazz music. There are also two spoken word interludes that reprise the topics explored in ‘REBEL TIME’ and ‘honeybee.’ It was written with, and produced by, Greg Abrahams,” he adds.

CANDID is out now on all major streaming platforms: https://Platoon.lnk.to/candid    

A song to look out for, which has already been playlisted across 26 South African radio stations on release is “honeybee”, a song about heartbreak from unrequited love, which Moonga K. says he “falls victim to constantly.” “honeybee” in the song is personified as someone that is good news in his life and someone that he can spend the rest of his life with. “The song asks the question ‘won’t you see me?’ – asking this potential lover to see me and what I am worth, and hopefully we can live in that love until we return to the soil. I guess I want to be stung by them (literally, metaphorically, who knows?) but not in a way that brings me pain,” reveals Moonga K.

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