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APIO is an African Experience, a cemented culture for us to celebrate in Ghana and Beyond.

APIO is an alcoholic beverage that boasts of 52% double distilled alcoholic content. Comes in 4 ranges (Classic, Cinnamon, Mint, Honey & Ginger.

APIO is a Ghanaian tradition that dates to over a hundred years. Under the umbrella of NANINI DISTILLERIES, APIO has been given a more satisfying taste through the careful distillation process, it has been cultured to intricately give the consumer a satisfying and smooth taste. 

The concept of Apio was birthed 5 years ago by our C.E.O & Founder, FRANK BESHARA MILLEN. The thought process of redefining this heritage came because unlike Russia that has vodkaTurkey that has rakiTequila from MexicoGreat Britain that produces GinUnited states of America that produces Bourbon, whiskey.

Ghana, described as the Gateway to Africa until now could not talk of a national drink even though it has been in and out of every home in our country. the Double Distillation process of Apio and the safety measures taken to ensure it is made safe for consumption is as meticulous and as expensive as it sounds. 

The simple but very important fact about Apio is the traditional method is maintained. Nanini distilleries have invested in the proper brewing and distillation that makes all the difference. 

Nanini Distilleries believes in our Heritage and the goal of our company is to give Akpeteshie branded Apio The premium platform it deserves.


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