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A Year and Counting – Kojo Manuel rides high on the DrYve of Your LYfe

It has been a year and some months since one of Ghana’s finest hype-men Kojo Manuel took over as the host of Y FM’s DrYve of Your LYfe.


There were divided views concerning his new role, as some wondered how he will fare switching to Radio, but I am sure all those who doubted, have now seen the growth of Kojo Manuel as a radio host.

His time on the radio has been fun, as he has hosted some of the biggest names in African music, from Focalistic, Gyakie, M.anifest, Kelvyn Boy, and many others.

One Year and Counting – Kojo Manuel riding high on DriveOnY

We caught up with Kojo Manuel and he spoke about how it has been hosting the biggest urban drive show in Ghana, DriveOnY.

You have been the host of the DrYve of Your LYfe for over a year now, tell us about the journey?

It’s been a beautiful journey that began with a lot of nerves taking over the biggest urban drive time show in the capital. I have to admit that it’s been a learning experience that I’ve had utmost fun with! I’ve met some amazing people and I have to say I’ve grown.

Comparing yourself at the start and now, how will you rate your current self?

I don’t believe learning ever ends so I cannot say I’ve reached the pinnacle of my growth but I have definitely become way better at owning my space as a radio presenter.

One Year and Counting – Kojo Manuel riding high on DriveOnY

Combining Event hosting and a day job doesn’t seem easy, how do you juggle it?

Truth is, I don’t consider radio as a day job. It’s like hosting an event every day and speaking to thousands of people as they do about their daily activities. It’s like meeting your friends and talking about your day and your aspirations, it rarely works for me. I love my job, scratch that, I love my jobs.

People didn’t know what to expect when you began but it seems you are gradually becoming a fan favorite, what do you think did the trick?

I was nervous as well but along the line, I figured out that it’s basically a communications job even though they are different mediums (Radio and outdoor events) one of my greatest strengths is being relatable and that is very key when communicating with the everyday person. They need to feel that connection. For me, this meant breaking a few rules and being myself.

If there is someone out there who is yet to hear you on the radio what will you tell the person?

You’re missing the biggest urban show in the capital! Check out the DrYve of Your LYfe, weekdays 3 pm till 7 pm with The King of the MIC, Kojo Manuel & DJ Mic Smith! You won’t regret it!

The interview was conducted by Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh – Music Services Manager at Muse Media Networks

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