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Kima Otung Releases “Note To Self” EP

Nigerian-born, Welsh-raised, London resident Kima Otung has released her 5-tracked EP “Note To Self”.

This body of work encapsulates everything Kima wished she had learnt growing up as a young woman and acts as a self-help guide to others who may also be struggling with who they are becoming.

Singles such as; “I’m Cute” and “We Are Not Soldiers” act as perfect introductions to a project that will become timeless upon its release today.

Listen To Note To Self EP HERE

The RnB Pop scene within the UK is one that is rapidly growing and Kima holds her place within this scene amongst some of the greats! Garnering support online from tastemaker publications such as; Fader, i-D Magazine, Dazed and across the airwaves it’s evident Kima Otung is here to stay!

“I’m super excited for everyone to hear my project ‘Note To Self’ – she’s been my baby for so long and now it’s finally time for everyone to hear this beauty in all its entirety. I hope this EP allows one to feel strong, to feel confident and to feel invincible”

Kima’s mission with her music and debut EP, “Note To Self”, is to be the voice in the ear of every girl and woman telling them that they’ve got this and counteracting the negativity that society can often harbour. In fact, she chose to call the EP “Note To Self” so that she can go back to the songs in moments when she doubts herself to remind herself of who she is and what she stands for.

The EP serves as a reminder to Kima for those moments when she forgot who she was, for the moments when life makes her doubt herself. She wants this body of work to help aid her find her way back to confidence. 

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