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Sonia Aimy to “Reconnect” on her new album

With her inimitable, velvety voice, Nigerian-born Canadian-via-Italy singer, songwriter, actress, and activist Sonia Aimy is the quintessential embodiment of contemporary African world music.

Her sound blends Afro-jazz, Afrobeat, highlife, and call-and-response African griot tradition, in easy flowing, yet virtuosic performances.

Her irresistible rhythms and melody and infectious joie de vivre unite audiences of diverse backgrounds. Her upcoming album Reconnect (Oct 1) reaches out in an excellent execution and interpretation of Afrobeat tunes. It offers artistic and intellectual stimulation and is a joy to the senses.

Sonia Aimy has won fans in Europe, Africa, North America through her on-stage appearances with the likes of African musical legends Hugh Masekela, the Mahotella Queens, Miriam  Makeba, and more. 

Sonia has been recognized internationally not only for her obvious talent but also for her commitment to ending human trafficking, promotion of African Cultural Heritage, and for the deep sense of her Nigerian heritage, which gives a spiritual grounding to her work wherever she performs.

She is the founder of African Women Acting AWA. She is currently being promoted by Unesco, Visa for Music, and Anya Music through the visionary initiative promoting African Female Jazz singers globally.

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