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Wendy Shay, Bullet, Kaywa sign deal with Sheer Publishing

Since its inception in 1996, Sheer Publishing has sought out to become the first world-class publishing company in Africa.

With a home base in Johannesburg, South Africa, the independent publishing house is the largest on the continent and is continuously growing its market share across Africa.

Their aim is to provide music copyright services to a diverse range of songwriters, local and international. Working on the ground in West Africa is, Seidu Iddrisu, Senior Copyright Administrator and Client Liaison for West and Central Africa. Seidu has worked extensively with artists across the globe to ensure musicians are compensated for their works.

Aware of the struggles faced by West African artists when it comes to industry structures, Seidu regularly travels between West African countries providing well-needed music copyright education.

This educational program, dubbed “Africa Agenda” teaches songwriters, composers, and authors how to make money from their works.

During a recent trip, Seidu acquired six new signings to Sheer Publishing, three Nigerian and three Ghanaian, largely expanding its client base in Africa. These signings include Tunde (Nigeria), Eedris Abdullareem (Nigeria), Ado Gwanja (Nigeria), Wendy Shay (Ghana), Kaywa (Ghana) and lastly Bullet (Ghana).

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