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Fix Shatta Wale – How singer became centre of protests

Ghanaian singer Shatta Wale is known for his thirst for publicity but when the resurgence of Fix Ghana came back due to the shooting of protestors no one could have guessed he will put himself in the trends.


Whiles some Ghanaians expected celebrities to add their voices to the unfortunate shooting that happened at Ejura, they didn’t expect Shatta Wale to pull off what he did.

Fix Shatta Wale - How singer became centre of protests
Fix Shatta Wale – How singer became centre of protests

Rather than lend a support to the movement, the singer did the opposite and rather blamed protestors for clash that led to the shooting.

Hugely popular for his rants on social media, it doesn’t seem Shatta Wale made a good impression but at the end of the day he got what he wanted; being centre of discussion.

Shatta Wale isn’t a stranger to bad press, but it seems this time he irked his die hard fans who usually defend him when he does his antics.

Only few still defend, but majority are silent in awe of the series of tweets and Facebook posts he put out.

Shatta Wale has received a lot of condemnation and even has some of core team members having contrary view.

Even among his team, there are some who have expressed opposite opinions to Shatta Wale’s post including his godfather Deportee, who blamed leaders for the mess.

Shatta Wale’s rant has even led to Arnold Mensah Baidoo to trend as people are now praising him for calling Shatta Wale confused and inconsistent.

There is currently an #UnfollowShattaWale hashtag happening on social media being led by some members of Ghana’s main opposition party the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Will the cancel culture work on Shatta Wale? It’s too soon to say but one thing is Shatta Wale made himself the centre of attention, taking pressure off the government.

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