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Philly D’s ‘Voice Notes and Therapy’ EP is an all-inclusive debut

Philly D is out with a new EP titled Voice Notes and Therapy.

Boasting a 10-song tracklist, ‘Mo Salah’ sticks out as the EP’s most familiar, having dropped earlier this year as a fun and well-accepted single.


But there’s a lot of shine on display, with Philly D’s ‘Intro’ and outro, ‘Misunderstood’, being the EP’s most poignant and hardcore rap songs.

Listen/stream here: https://songwhip.com/phillyd/voicenotesandtherapy

There’s also a slew of magnetic Afroswing and Afrobeat gems on the artist’s plate; ‘Need You’ (feat. Ami), ‘Cinderella’ (feat. Nico M), ‘Sweet Talker’, ‘On My Lyca’ (feat. Shak Omar) and ‘Kit Kat’, all of which slide in, ready to sweep fans into an ambiance of glee.

Philly D’s ‘Voice Notes and Therapy’ EP is an all-inclusive debut
Philly D’s ‘Voice Notes and Therapy’ EP is an all-inclusive debut

There are definitely moments that stand out on the rapper’s debut; ‘Intro’, ‘419’ (feat. Hash), ‘Sweet Talker‘ and ‘Misunderstood’ to name a few, infusing ‘’Voice Notes and Therapy’’ with sheer brilliance; one bent to positively mold Philly D’s musical career.

Philly D is a Ghanaian-UK rapper, currently based in the city of Liverpool. He’s most noted for his style of music which encompasses Drill, Afroswing, and Afrobeat genres. 

Born in Ghana as Philip Kojo Amankona Djan, the prospective talent entered the music arena under the alias Philly D; a stage name he has stuck with to this day, manifesting his age-long passion for making music.  

His inspiration comes from some of the UK’s leading artists; J Hus, Santan Dave, and Headie One, as well as Hip-Hop veteran, Lauryn Hill, all drenched in his love for old-school Ghanaian Hiplife and Highlife classics.

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