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Lamie is a fictional ‘Junkie’ in her new song

It’s 2021 and if you are still wondering who Lamie is then you are pretty late to the party. A beautiful crooner with a jaw dropping voice that’s certain to give you goose bumps. Her versatility and soothing vocals is the quintessential treat for your eardrums. Every song, since she started out two years ago has a different feel. While most artists usually stay in their comfort zone, Lamie begs to differ. She has been experimenting with different genre and on all occasions the results were superb.  

As the world heals gingerly from the global pandemic, social vices are still as present as ever. Lately it’s almost like winning the Super Bowl if you scroll through your Snapchat stories for 15 minutes and you don’t chance upon a person smoking. Drug abuse is a social canker that most teenagers aren’t willing to shy away from. Videos circulating on the internet depict how worse it’s going to get if measures aren’t put in place to regulate it.

Lamie walked into the studio on Wednesday, 21st April 2021 at noon. The initial plan was to record a song with a hypothesis of “Love” which was going to be a lead single for her EP which is going to hit digital stores later in the year. Her manager, Leslie reached out to the producer who had sent the beat to send over the data of the beat but all efforts proved futile. Deelaw who has been her in house producer since her career began decided to make a new beat and suggested she did something on drug abuse. When the beat was ready Lamie came up with a fictional story about how she met a guy in June. It was love at first sight. But her new found love came with nothing but pain and regrets. Mr. Right introduced her to hard drugs and she became an addict. When she eventually morphed into a junkie, he coldheartedly left her for another woman. There are notable clever references in this Afro Pop banger including a citation of Kurt Cobain.

Junkie is the chanteuse fifth single and it’s a medium to create awareness on Drug abuse globally. She intends to have a tremendous impact with the campaign as it’s her first social responsibility project.

Listen to ‘Junkie’ HERE.

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