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Laik Drops Steamy Video for Wantin/Stuck Inside

Off the release of his Wanted EP, USA-based Sierra-Leonean singer-songwriter Laik has dropped the video for Wantin/Stuck Inside, merging the intro and outro of the project.

The seamless nature of his music is reflected in the video as each song gets its own unique setting and story that flows into one another with ease. The sultry rhythms of Wantin are a perfect complement to Stuck Inside’s alluring bounce.

Starting off with Wantin, the video has a dreamy feel with Laik sitting at the bar at a party, enjoying himself and catching the eye of a beautiful woman. The scene reflects the perfect scene to play this song, where drinks flow, and waists whine with reckless abandon. The video takes a sharp plot twist as the artist gets kidnapped by a trio of women, giving way to Stuck Inside.

Despite the imprisonment, he seems to relish being manhandled as he sings “they really had us stuck inside, now I’m finna get stuck inside” a raunchy play on words showing his happiness at coming out of lockdown. He manages to escape with guile that would rival any action star giving the video an exciting, movie-style ending.

Laik’s personality is on display for his listeners as he shows a more dynamic and playful side to accompany the soothing dance-floor ready hits he creates.

Wantin/Stuck Inside is another strong offering from this rising artist that is sure to please listeners who have been craving a summer anthem.

As the world starts to slowly open, these songs will finally be listened to in the social settings they deserve.

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