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Rapper Onyansapow talks about his Musical journey

Ghanaian rapper Onyansapow Bawanopow has revealed how he came about his name and how music began for him.

Currently based in the United States of America Onyansapow is currently making waves in Ghana with his single ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’.

He has also followed up with two singles ‘We Move’ and ‘Fix It’, which urges African leaders and citizens to have a change of mentality and help develop Africa.

Rapper Onyansapow talks about his Musical journey

In an exclusive interview with Muse Africa, the rapper spoke about his childhood, his musical influences, his time at Takoradi Polytechnic now Takoradi Technical University.

Born in Accra, Onyansapow grew up in the Western Regional capital of Takoradi, where he also developed his love for music.

His musical exploits even led him to meet Castro the Destroyer, who featured on the remix of one of his city hit records.

Listen to the full interview between Onyansapow and Muse Africa’s Derrick Annor Boadi.

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