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Bensoul talks to Cuppy about being mentored by Sauti Sol

Kenyan Afrosoul star Bensoul joins Cuppy via FaceTime on Apple Music 1 to talk about his latest track, “STEREO,” from his most recent EP, Medicine. 

He also discusses how he kept his fans motivated through COVID-19 lockdowns, what he’s learned from mentors like Sauti Sol, and the up-and-coming talent to watch from Nairobi.

Bensoul on being mentored by Sauti Sol

It’s such a beautiful feeling. I get to learn so much, but even just interacting with most of them. They’re really amazing human beings apart from being amazing musicians. And yeah, they are big brothers. They’re always guiding us and we have this relationship where we make each other better. And the few years that I’ve spent with them, being under their label, it’s been life-changing for sure.
Bensoul on why he wrote “Stereo”

Bensoul: The song speaks about the first days of falling in love and you’ve just met-

Cuppy: The honeymoon period before it goes wrong.

Bensoul: Yeah, yeah, the honeymoon period. The love is so sweet, you guys are going on dates and that love feels so stereo you know, it hits you from all the sides, and that’s the reason why I wrote the song.

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