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Richardine Bartee to manage publicity for D- Black’s upcoming album

Richardine Bartee, a Recording Academy member will handle publicity for D-Black’s upcoming album ‘Loyalty’ in the United States of America.

Bartee will be “the point of contact for all of [Black’s] US-based affairs and will represent him in the US territory,” per a release to Museafrica.com.

The release adds that the decision was made after they met last week for the first time in New York City’s Financial District.

Among other topics, they discussed Black’s upcoming fifth studio album set to be released on Friday, May 14, 2021.

On March 19, 2021, Bartee shared that she would be hosting a segment on a new radio segment on UK’s Reprezent 107.3 FM.

Titled ‘Universal Drill,’ the 10-minute spot will air during ‘The Big Bang Show’ hosted by J Hart, Aaron Cohen, and Fifth God.

It will “shine a bright light on Africa’s burgeoning stars,” according to a statement. 

“I’m excited about the opportunity, but I know how important it is to teach and be responsible when introducing music from different territories,” said Bartee. “I am a teacher, though so I should be fine.” 

Bartee has been at the forefront of promoting Afrobeats and African artists in America through editorial placements, radio promotion and other suitable opportunities.

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